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In order to be able to attend raids you will need:

An appropriate item level for the raid we are attempting. This is easily achievable through methods other than raiding.
830 minimum ilvl for Normal Emerald Nightmare
840 minimum ilvl for Heroic

Your gear must be fully enchanted. We recommend the highest level enchants available.There are many members of the guild who can enchant (Such as Rammy, Saxbe & Sparhawk). There are some enchanting materials available in the guild bank.

Your gear must be fully gemmed. There is some ore available in the guild bank, but it really is best to buy your own if you can. JCs (Juelz, Salus) in the guild can cut them for you if needed. Rare quality or better gems are encouraged.

Addons. At the bare minimum you will need:
- Deadly Boss Mods or an equivalent addon such as BigWigs.
- Exorsus Raid Tools
- Angry Assignments
- EPGP Lootmaster for rolling on loot
Beyond that it's really up to you and your playstyle. Please keep your addons up to date. All the popular addons can be found at

Discord. Gasm uses Discord for voice comms during raids and every raider needs to at least be able to listen. You need to download and set this up before the raid starts.

You can access Discord here.

The above link will allow you to enter the Gasm Discord. Please ensure you set up your headset and push to talk key BEFORE we start the raid.

An understanding of the fights. You can watch strategy videos and read guides on our forums.
Please research all the fights in preparation for our raids. Bear in mind some of our strategies do differ from the standard strategy. These will be explained by the raid leader during the raid.

An understanding of your class. If you are geared enough to pull X amount of dps but your are pulling crappy dps you are not making the most of your character and forcing other people to pick up your slack.
There are many places where you can learn about recommended gear and rotations. A few include:
Icy Veins
MMO Champion Forums

Buffs and Consumables

It is a good idea to bring 2 or 3 flasks along to the raid. The guild can provide some flasks, however if you are continually using guild supplied flasks we expect you to contribute back to the guild bank in some way.

Flask of Ten Thousand Scars
Flask of the Countless Armies
Flask of the Whispered Pact
Flask of the Seventh Demon

Food. While we do sometimes provide feasts for our raids it's still a good idea to bring your own personal food with +375 to your best stat. Carry a stack on you at all times.

Defiled Augment Runes These runes provide a considerable boost in your primary stat. They can be purchased from the AH, rewarded from Call to Arms for Dungeons or possibly through LFR when it's released.
These are not required on every fight, but highly encouraged for progression.

Ancient Healing Potion
Ancient Mana Potion
Leytorrent Potion
Potion of Deadly Grace
Potion of the Old War
Unbending Potion

It is a good idea to bring along potions to help improve your performance. For DPS you can get potions that improve your ranged (Deadly Grace) or melee damage (Old War). You should be drinking one potion before the pull and another during the fight either during timewarp/burn phase/execute phase.

Healers will want to use Ancient Mana Potions or Leytorrent Potions when they are low on mana. It's a good idea to carry a stack with you at all times.

For Tanks a potion can be considered another cooldown at your disposal. There are two options for potions - Armor Potion (Unbending) for mitigation or dps potions if mitigation is not needed.

All players can also use a Ancient Healing Potion at critical times - this does not share a cooldown with your other potions and is stronger than a lock rock.

Wowhead has appropriate guide on recommnded consumerables, chants and gems.
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