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TL:DR Version
Spider Phase: Connected players stand together. Move to outside walls with Necrotic Venom debuff.
Transition: Follow Boss. Players with feathers: Jump across chasm, use extra button to kill spider adds.
Bird Phase: Tanks taunt multiple times during Raking Talons. Move to outside walls with Twisting Shadows. Don't stand in front during Razor Wing.

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Web of pain: The 2 tanks will be linked with a web string which causes all of the damage that they take to be reflected onto the other tank. This damage is increased if the tanks separate more than 20 yards, so the tanks should stay close to each other.

Necrotic Venom: The boss will hurl venom at a few players in the raid. This will put a green circle around them and after a while they will start taking ticking damage and leaving green goo on the floor with each tick. These players must move to the outside edges of the room to drop the pools.
I'm not sure how much damage the pool does BUT I think you can drop your goo on top of other goo, or even get to the edge and stand still until the debuff is over.
**Note that in the Fatboss video the Necrotic Venom seemed to spread to other players. However the dungeon journal does not mention this and I can't see this happening in the more recent videos**

The boss will go up into her web throughout the fight (FEEDING TIME). When she does this Spiderlings will spawn and attack the raid. In addition she will start casting Ambush.

Ambush will put a green circle/swirl on the ground. We simply need to move out of it and get as far away as possible. I will probably set up 2 stack points so we can place it at one and then run to the other to heal up.

The Spiderlings just need to be tanked and killed quickly as they do a stacking poison debuff. When they die they also spawn a pool of green so the tank will need to position the adds so that they die around the edge of the room.


Twisting Shadows: The boss will put a purple swirly debuff on a few players. After 10 secs that person will spawn a tornado where they are standing - So again just move to the outside edges.
You are actually able to clear the green goo while you have the purple swirly debuff on you, so feel free to put the tornado on top of some goo. Don't go crazy and kill yourself by trying to clear all the goo tho

Gathering clouds: The boss will start pushing the whole raid back while doing raid wide damage. There is a nice blank wall free of eggs that we can stand against to avoid falling off/getting pushed into bad stuff.

Transition to other platform: The boss will fly to another platform and you have to follow her as she will do increasing damage to anyone who is not on her current platform. Please keep in mind that half way to the other platform is a pile of eggs that you need to avoid busting

Feathers: The boss will drop out feathers at this stage which increase your jump height/distance which make it easier to get to the other platform. There are not enough feathers for everyone so we will have to decide who gets them (The video suggested healers and ranged but we'll see)
With the feather you can also jump onto of Spiderlings with the extra action button to instantly kill them (Mario lol?)

Razor Wing: Boss will use this while in bird form. It's just a conal attack in front of her so don't be in front unless you're the tank

Raking Talons: She will spam cast this a few times on the tank that has aggro. Every stack of this increases the damage you take from the attack, so tanks need to manage the stacks so that they take maybe 2 and then taunt off, or taunt as often as possible alternating the attack. It is a 2 sec cast so you have time to taunt while she is casting

After some time in the Roc form at the other platform she will turn back into a Spider and then rinse repeat

Eggs: Any eggs that do get busted will spawn more spiders, so please be careful and avoid touching them.

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Feathers should probably go 1 tank, 1 healer, 7 DPS
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