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TL:DR Version
At 95% and 60%: Half of raid starts dreaming. Works like an extra life. If someone HAS to absorb corruption, let these players do it.

Tanks: In P1, dreaming tank takes adds, tanks them at taunt range sideways from boss.
In P2, taunt at 3 stacks of Blackend. Let dreaming tank be active more.
never stack, active tank explodes sometimes.

Healers: Only dreaming healers remove tank debuff. Hurts yo a lot, be careful.

All non-tanks: Stack in center of room (use a raid beacon).

Phase 1: Players with red arrows move out of raid, like Archimonde laser. Focus small adds. Dreaming melee stay on big add.

Phase 2: Linked players move together. Stack in big circle. Dreaming players soak up corruption pools left by killed adds.

Phase 3: Red arrows and big circle again. Heroism against tentacles.

Full Version

During this fight you will have a Corruption Meter on your screen. Certain thing will happen when you reach certain amounts of corruption

33%: Spawns an Abomination that starts smashing the ground - Kill ASAP

66%: Circles to the player with this level of corruption. Don't stand in them

100%: You will deal 150% more dmg and healing for 20secs, after which you will become MC'd for the rest of the fight

At 95% and 60% health the boss will put half of the raid to sleep.
While you are asleep
- If you die it's not real and your real body will wake up
- If you take corruption it's not real and you wont carry it over when you wake up
SO if we need people to take corruption during the fight it should be the sleeping players

Darkening Soul: Debuff that is placed on the tank which deals ticking damage and causes the tank to explode when it expires, dmging anyone within 25 yards. If dispelled the dispeller takes 25 corruption, so it should be dispelled by a sleeping healer.

Lurking Terror: This add will spawn on random players dealing AOE dmg within 6 yards when it spawns. It will then start fixating a player and chasing them down. If ANY player touches the Lurking Terror they will explode dealing damage and adding 20 corruption.
I'm a little confused as to how this add currently works, since Fatboss and the TL:DR say different things.
Option 1: You can kill them so just kite away from the group and have everyone swap and kill
Option 2: You can't kill so we should have a sleeping player run into the add to soak it.
We will have to see when it's live

Nightmare Blades:
Sort of like the Archimonde Laser - 2 people will be selected and have arrows appear above their head. They need to move out of the group and position themselves so the blades don't go through the middle of the raid. This ability also knocks people back

Corruption Horror: Big add that needs to be tanked by the sleeping tank away from the raid. Does a nova and a swipe that increases your corruption. All ranged should swap to this add and any sleeping melee dps

PHASE 2 (65%):
At 60% the other half of the raid that was awake will also fall asleep

Corruption Meteor: Big circle will appear on a random player. A meteor will come down which deals split damage to everyone in the circle. This also adds 40 corruption that is split as well. Split the raid up into awake and asleep and let the meteor hit everyone who is asleep

Bonds of Terror: Links 2 people together. They need to run to each other to break the chain

Calls of Nightmare: The boss will summon Horrors which will start channeling on the boss. This will empower the boss and cause him to AOE the whole raid and increase our corruption. They can be stunned and killed.
When they do die they will leave a puddle on the ground. Any sleeping people can jump into these pools to soak them up and remove them. If you don't soak the add will just res/reform again.

Nightmare Infusion: The boss will empower his attacks making them add 5 corruption per hit. This lasts 30secs so preferably have the sleeping tank have aggro while this is happening.

Blackening Soul: Another debuff that goes on the tank. It can be dispelled by a sleeping healer (because it adds corruption). When it is dispelled the tank will get a debuff called Blackened which causes them to take 150% extra physical damage.
Tanks should let it apply 3 times before getting a dispel to allow for the other tanks Blackened debuff to drop off.
(In Fatboss' video this ability was spawning a pool under the tank when it was dispelled, but I can't see this mentioned in the Journal?? If this is true the tank just needs to run away and call for a dispell)

Make sure you clear up any Horrors before transitioning to...

PHASE 3 (30%):
No one falls asleep anymore and it's race against your corruption meter

- Spawns heaps of tentacles which shoot the raid and add corruption. BURN THEM and use lust

- Still does Nightmare blades, people with arrows move out
- Still uses Blackening Soul on tanks, get dispelled on 3 and other tank taunt (share the dispelling around for healers)
- Still infuses his attacks for 30secs to add more corruption
- Still uses the Meteor so we need to share the dmg/corruption
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