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#12900980 Dec 06, 2016 at 06:57 PM
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Hi fam, just wanted to make a post regarding raid and the expectations and requirements to be met so that we as a team can push further and ultimately improve as a whole.

So far, bar attendance, I feel as though we have seen a good steady stream of progression and ultimately boss kills over the last month or so. We have all done an excellent job stepping up and embracing what we are trying to achieve.
The goal of this post is to improve upon our efficiency and to make sure that that progression continues.

So lets lay out some of these expectations for Nighthold the we have discussed and feel is the right amount of balance between what we feel is fair and what we expect for our guild pushing into the new tier.

Firstly lets talk about artifacts. The most crucial piece of gear you will get this expansion is your weapon. With that said, levelling it must be a priority. The goal is that every raider has at least level 35 trait unlocked by patch day. Nighthold should be out late January (24th or 30th is my expectation). That gives you 7-8 weeks to get your artifact up to 35. I use World Quest List addon for my WQ tracking and what i tend to do is do any AP WQs before raid that may expire during raid and any after raid that will expire before i geta chance to log in next day. Doing this allows me to do 4 or 5 WQs before raid and 4 or 5 after raid taking 20 mins before and 20 mins after.
Your schedule may vary but this just goes to show it doesn't take too much time out of your day to get this done.
For off nights there are always people online you can group with to do 5 mans. There is also LFG when you get to the quest itself.
We are not saying you have to do every single WQ every single day. But we do expect peoples artifact power level to be at the suitable level to be part of our mythic Nighthold.
We should see an improvement over these 7-8 weeks guys. Plenty of time.
If you need anything or wanna group for WQs just ask your fellow team mates.

Consumables are expected every pull. 375 food is required. We have a number of cores who have rank 3 food recipes. If you are struggling with mats due to doing AP farming with your time that's OK....ask if people have mats. We are a team. Don't be scared to ask. Prepots and second pots when pushing prog is a MUST. Healers are expected to prepot and DPS on prog. Every bit counts.

Keep Discord in raid times calm. We don't need explanations mid pull on why you died. Thats what the run back is for. Lets keep it as clear as possible on prog and stop ragging on healers for not talking. How about we as a team give them the platform to talk and communicate. Lets get them used to clear comms.

Attendance. Laws has placed a Discord channel (Callinsick) for attendance. If you cant make it, 30 mins late, 5 mins late or just not sure if your gonna be on or late at all, you post in discord. Get the phone app and post. Lets show every one the respect they deserve and make sure that we can arrange our time in raid efficiently by knowing who is gonna be on and who isn't.

Everything posted here is, we feel, fair and balanced expectations on the raid team as a whole. As always, if there is anything any of you guys and gals need or you just have some suggestions on how we can improve our time spent raiding, always feel free to approach us in public or in private, we are here for you. Ultimately your enjoyment as a collective is our responsibility and our number 1 job as officers. We are here to provide a fun, enjoyable environment so that you, as a core member, can strive in and succeed. If you fail, we fail and if we fail, you fail. We are here together, as a team, lets continue to push and work together to realise the true potential of this core group of players.

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